Meet a Groupon Employee – Malaysian Edition #1: Ho Kwin

Meet Ho Kwin. He’s one of our champ business consultants. Like a samurai spurned between honour and passion, Ho Kwin strives to seal the best deals for both our customers and merchants — for the kingdom relies on him and others like him to put food on the table and luxury German cars in our garage. Every day is a battle as he scuffles through traffic jams, braving unforgiving weather and arm wrestling illegal DVD sellers. Armed only with mobile telecommunication technology and a lacerating mind, he spends most of his time running away from the law — of economics as he slashes prices in half to meet demand and supply. Some evenings when we don’t hear him swashbuckling for a brand new Groupon experience, we catch him reminiscing old days with the blue lizard in the kitchen. But that’s ok, because even tough nuts need a break sometimes.

Life as a Business Consultant at Groupon Malaysia

Ho Kwin is one of the brains behind all the awesome deals you see every day. The iron-fist goalkeeper who doesn’t let anything but a 5-star deal through. It’s a tough one, but he’s got his targets set high. Ho Kwin enjoys showing our retailers why they can’t help coming back again and again with more exciting deals for our members.

On a monthly basis, Ho Kwin establishes partnerships with over 15 local businesses. He identifies new and exciting business ventures and activities to feature, and presents Groupon as the unique opportunity for businesses to acquire new customers while expanding the range of exciting offers for our members.

Ho Kwin is just one of the many Business Consultants at Groupon that enjoys working with businesses to create new and exciting experiences for the fun-loving-adventure-seeking Malaysians!

Things move remarkably fast at Groupon. So, we’re constantly on the lookout for new energy sources to keep things fresh

Keen to join the team?

If you’re the rockstar Business Consultant that we are looking for, you MUST have…

  1. Experience in working with various types of local businesses.
  2. Strong interpersonal and social skills.
  3. Network of contacts in the relevant sector is a definite bonus.
  4. Bachelor degree is desirable (good university is a bonus).
  5. Positive attitude, consultative approach and self-motivation are all essential.
  6. Fluent command of the English language with an excellent standard of written and spoken communication (Bahasa Malaysia and other languages are a plus).

and you MUST be…

  1. A fresh graduate with a keen interest in sales and/or consultancy.
  2. A rockstar consultant with a keen interest in business development and sales with evidence of consistent and current success.
  3. Young (20 – 26 years old).
  4. Driven and willing to work extra hours / weekends to achieve results.
  5. Bright and ambitious.

Think you have what it takes? Drop us a note at


  • By David ooi
    on 14. December 2011
    at 20:00

    i want to apply for this job…

  • By Leann
    on 19. December 2011
    at 16:25

    Hi, I wish to ask if I am not a fresh graduate but age 25, can I still apply for this position? Thank you.

  • By Shan
    on 20. December 2011
    at 06:48

    Hi David, do drop us an email at

  • By Shan
    on 20. December 2011
    at 07:21

    Hi Leann, Just drop us an email at stating your interested in the position and who knows you might be working here the next thing?! ;)

  • By Christine Choong
    on 7. January 2012
    at 03:54

    Hi, I would like to ask.. does Groupon got any vacancy position of Admin Executive or Secretary?

  • By Lilo
    on 7. January 2012
    at 05:14

    Hi there! At the moment, we don’t. Nevertheless, you’re welcome to drop us a line with your resume/CV! :D

  • By Aiman
    on 9. May 2012
    at 14:36

    hi there,

    how do groupon make a deal like hilton hotel, restaurant and you go to that place to encounter a deal or they come to you to present a deal and discount..?

    hope to have more in wellness area..mine really need to relax at the weekends..

    thank you…:)

  • By Jo
    on 10. May 2012
    at 09:49

    Thank you for the input, Aiman :) We’ll take note more on the wellness area :) In the meanwhile, stay tuned to Groupon website for amazing offer that you dont want to miss! :)

  • By Grace
    on 16. May 2012
    at 08:32

    Hi,i would like to start by business on Groupon,i want to advertise and let more ppl to know bout my stuffs..and how to i get it start??

  • By Jo
    on 16. May 2012
    at 11:31

    Thanks for your interest in working with us, Grace! :) To get your business featured on our site, all you have to do is fill in this form . Once we have the relevant information and find that your business has what we’re looking for, we will get in touch with you as soon as we can with more information on the feature process. :D

  • By Anne
    on 22. May 2012
    at 11:28

    Hi..i have a from Kota Kinabalu..any chance Groupon has an office here?

  • By Jo
    on 23. May 2012
    at 10:39

    Greetings from PJ, Anne :) Well, we don’t have an office in KK at the moment but, we are looking for candidates from other cities :D

  • By Kathy
    on 29. May 2012
    at 03:46

    Hi, u guys still have vacancy for this position??

  • By Jo
    on 29. May 2012
    at 04:15

    Yes, we are, Kathy! :) You can check out this page here for more details :)

  • By Judy Mok
    on 30. May 2012
    at 04:39

    Just wondering … Any exception on the age ? I m in my early 30 ! TY

  • By Is
    on 30. May 2012
    at 05:47

    Hey there, not to worry, you can still apply :) Do send in your resume at; you could have a look at available positions here: Hope to hear from you soon.

  • By Chen
    on 30. May 2012
    at 08:11

    hi, can i apply for this job, is it still have vacancy?

  • By Jo
    on 30. May 2012
    at 13:21

    Hello there, Chen! Yes, we are :) You can check out this page here or alternatively, drop your CV/resume to our Talent team at They’ll get back to you soon on that!

  • By Eric
    on 30. May 2012
    at 13:46

    hi there, do you guys have any sales vacancy in penang ? if yes fill me in the details. thanks

  • By Jo
    on 31. May 2012
    at 02:24

    Thanks for your interest, Eric! If you have a CV/resume you’d like to send to us, do send it to our Talent team at and they’ll get back to you soon! :)

  • By Athon
    on 8. June 2012
    at 02:58

    Hi there, do u guys have any vacancy for sales or marketing positions? thanks

  • By Is
    on 8. June 2012
    at 06:18

    Hey there, please forward your CV to Hope to hear from you soon, Athon! :)

  • By quentin
    on 14. June 2012
    at 05:47

    hi, do you have intership program for student in IT? thank you.

  • By Jo
    on 14. June 2012
    at 07:15

    Hello Quentin! :D Yes, we do! Do drop our Talent team (Internship) an email (together with your CV/resume) at and they’ll get back to you with more details :)

  • By Jas Lim
    on 21. June 2012
    at 08:26

    Hi there, just wondering your business development – will u consider part time sales based on commission instead of full time?

  • By Jo
    on 22. June 2012
    at 05:37

    Hello Jas :) I’m afraid all the positions that we are offering now are all full-time. Perhaps you can drop our Talent team an email ( together with your CV/resume. They’ll be glad to get back to you with more details :)

  • By Kelly
    on 27. June 2012
    at 04:19

    Hi there! May i know do you have vacancy available for marketing? do you have office in Johor Bahru?

  • By Jo
    on 4. July 2012
    at 06:33

    Hi Kelly! We’re currently looking for a wide range of candidates now, so drop our Talent Team an email together with your CV/resume at :) They’ll fill you in with more details :D

  • By PL
    on 10. July 2012
    at 09:23

    Hi, I am not looking for a job…… just not sure where to comment on this issue.
    Last time use to have the customer review/ comments column for all the customers to share all the services/ product published in the web which they experience before.

    This is a very good column for us to understanding more on the services/ products that worth to buy or not.

    Please consider to put in back this customer review / comments section in all the deal.
    It would be great for the customer to decide is worth to buy or not.


  • By Lilo
    on 12. July 2012
    at 02:49

    Thanks! :) We promise to take your suggestion into consideration! :)

  • By Elsa
    on 25. July 2012
    at 07:45

    Do you have vacancy available for Kota Kinabalu?

  • By Jo
    on 26. July 2012
    at 02:17

    We might ;) Do drop our Talent team ( a copy of your CV/resume and they’ll fill you in with more details! :D

  • By Rovenna Sandra
    on 26. July 2012
    at 05:53

    Can I do freelancing as the Business Consultant?

  • By Jo
    on 26. July 2012
    at 06:16

    I’m afraid all the positions that we are offering now are all full-time :/

  • By Steven
    on 30. July 2012
    at 07:20

    Hi Jo,

    May i ask is there any ecommerce/online marketing executive or online business developer position to hire?


  • By Jo
    on 30. July 2012
    at 09:45

    Good day Steven :) At the moment, we don’t. Nevertheless, you’re welcome to drop our Talent team a line together with your CV/resume at :) Who knows, we might just have something for you :)

  • By Umair Shafi
    on 7. August 2012
    at 15:11

    Are you still hiring for this position?

  • By Jo
    on 8. August 2012
    at 03:26

    I’m afraid not at the moment, Umair :( Nevertheless, you may always forward a copy of your resume/CV to our Talent Team at for future consideration :)

  • By Elvin Wong
    on 15. March 2013
    at 08:11

    I am a Year 2 Chemical Engineering and wish to apply for a placement during my holiday in Jul/2013. Is there a possibilites that I can find one. Tks

  • By Lilo
    on 3. April 2013
    at 01:44

    Hi there, simply drop our team your resume at
    Looking forward to hear from you! :)

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