Tutorial Treats: Groupon Instalment Payment Plans

Salutations G-peeps!

There is a new and exciting payment feature that we would like to share with you today :)

Today’s post covers a new aspect of payment through Maybank & Public Bank Berhad.

Now you can be paying for your deals with monthly Zero Interest Instalments!

How amazing is that :D

Yes we know, we know! Calm your minions! :D  Quite exciting stuff, let’s get into the juicy details of it all ;)


*Before we get started we must mention that this payment method is only available for voucher(s) priced RM500* & above!

- Installment plan is also available for multiple purchases – provided they are under the same deal! (i.e.: Purchasing different packages from the same deal)


Let’s say out of the blue you wanted to be an aspiring photographer,  and coincidently there’s a DSLR deal being featured on Groupon. The only problem is that you don’t have enough cash to pay at one go.

hey you. yes you. let’s go to these places together. <3

No worries, now you can pay on a monthly basis!

Go ahead and start your dreams by clicking “Buy Now”.


Make sure the price of the voucher is RM500 and above. Choose the deal by clicking buy to continue to the payment page !

Check the details of your deal and make sure it is the correct amount.

Monthly instalments are only available for MaybankPublic Bank  credit card holders, click on the Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Online Banking/ Celcom AirCash payment option.

 Get your steak knives ready this is where it starts getting juicier.

Select any of the following option(s) highlighted in red to continue with your payment. :)

You will arrive at the transaction details page, this is where you fill in all details and most importantly the duration of the instalment plan.

A drop-down list appears to show either  a 369 or a 12 -month plan can be chosen.


Fill up all your details and click on proceed.

 Woah you did it!

You have now successfully purchased a DSLR that you can slowly but surely pay for in the coming months!

For a condensed version,



Till then!

*Cue Minions*

We hope this tutorial was helpful and from all of us here on the black pearl have an awesome day, savvy?


  • By morley ng
    on 14. September 2013
    at 03:16

    Good News,,

    Can I know whether instalment can also be used for travel to overseas

    I have cimb credit cards, which I always used for buying goupon on foods, travel . Can I used CIMB Credit card instead of maybank and public bank for instalment payment..

  • By Xian
    on 18. September 2013
    at 13:55

    Only for credit card, how about debit card, can pay with installment plan.Thank~~

  • By Ummu Su
    on 19. September 2013
    at 05:05

    So when we can redeem the deal? After all the steps above completed or after the whole installment paid?

  • By Lilo
    on 19. September 2013
    at 05:11

    You may redeem the deal upon completing the required steps in the installment plan, installments will then be charged to your account once every month! :)

  • By Lilo
    on 19. September 2013
    at 05:12

    Nope, it’s only available for credit card :) Hope this helped!

  • By Lilo
    on 19. September 2013
    at 05:15

    Yes, you may utilize your credit card to purchase deals via our Installment plans, however – all these will only be applicable should you have a Maybank or Public Bank account.

  • By hiryanti
    on 29. October 2013
    at 09:21

    i already completed my payment via maybank2u but i still not recieved my voucher

  • By Lilo
    on 30. October 2013
    at 07:02

    Hi there, apologise for the delayed reply. Should you still have not receive your voucher, do drop us a line on this at support@groupon.my
    On another note, should you face further problems with your Groupon – you may always drop by our FAQ site for more info: http://contact.groupon.my/

  • By Siti Hanizah binti Sujan
    on 4. November 2013
    at 02:37

    I have ordered the item from groupon last month but the order delivery will be start on 26th october until 5th November 2013. 5th Nov is the public holiday and I didn’t received yet until now. so when exactly I can receive that item? Tqvm.

  • By ling
    on 6. November 2013
    at 18:53

    how do delete my credit card?

  • By Lilo
    on 7. November 2013
    at 02:22

    Hi there, do contact our Support Team at support@groupon.my for further assistance on this matter kay? :)

  • By Lilo
    on 7. November 2013
    at 02:22

    Hi there, for assistance do refer to our Support Team at support@groupon.my kay? Thank you! :)

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